Sumsub Partners With Orenda

Sumsub Partners With Orenda
At Orenda Finance, we’re always looking for ways to improve the customer experience, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that we’re continuing to expand Orenda’s thriving marketplace with yet another exciting partnership. 

Already trusted by over 1000 clients, Sumsub has partnered with Orenda as a KYC/KYB vendor to support the quick and seamless onboarding of end customers onto Orenda client’s programs and platforms.

By partnering with Sumsub, Orenda clients can now access yet another innovative new capability through Orenda’s marketplace: a best-in-class solution for customer onboarding and identity verification, making it quick and convenient to onboard new business without the associated risks.

To see the full list of partners and FinTech capabilities you can access with a just single contract, check out the Orenda partners.


Partnership overview

  • Sumsub’s smooth onboarding and compliance capabilities allow Orenda clients to verify end-customers anywhere in the world with ease.  
  • Clients are able to stay compliant, welcome new users, and protect themselves from fraud.
  • Clients can delegate AML watchlist and registry screening, beneficiary verification, and company structure checks to Sumsub to reduce costs and speed up onboarding.


The Benefits 

By integrating Sumsub’s intuitive capabilities into your business’s ecosystem, you can:


Stay complaint  

KYC is a necessary compliance measure that helps your business to avoid fines. Sumsub offers pre-built options or customisations to meet your specific needs,


Prevent fraud attacks 

Sumsub helps you to stay protected against the most sophisticated types of fraud with a tool that prevents previously-banned users in their tracks. Their blacklists are updated monthly and contain over 1 million bad actors so you can stay assured your organisation is safe from any suspicious activity.


Increase conversion rates 

The more streamlined your user journey, the higher chance that you will be able to onboard clients. Every detail matters, so Sumsub allows you to combine friendly interfaces with real-time hints and multilingual support for an automated data extraction process as well as smooth facial biometrics.


Verify instantly 

Sumsub significantly reduces time and costs by providing a single-service reusable KYC solution that boosts conversions and cuts down on repeat verifications.


Go paperless 

Sumsub understands the hassle of paperwork, so they’re there to help you automate your compliance routine. With their code-free suite, which lets users access all their data in one place with easy profiles, you can save time on checking for updates.



Subsum is like a security guard for your business – and you get to choose exactly what your verification process looks like without writing a single line of code.

Checks you can incorporate into your custom verification flow include:

  • Liveness & face match
  • ID verification
  • AML screening
  • Email verification
  • Phone verification 
  • Address verification
  • Questionnaie 
  • And more! 


About Sumsub

Sumsub is a holistic verification platform created to keep organisations safe and secure by catching fraudsters and helping businesses to meet compliance regulations worldwide. 

By providing an AI-powered solution, Sumsub have prevent over 50,000 fraud attempts every month, making them an invaluable addition to your business’s financial ecosystem.  

Clients are able to automate the entire customer due diligence process, from identity verification to watchlist screening. 

Overall, Sumsub is enabling Orenda to continue doing what we do best: offering new ways of doing business with your configurable, no-code web apps. Clients can pick and choose from a variety of financial capabilities in Orenda’s marketplace to create personalised financial service products that create new revenue streams and streamline customer journeys. 


For more information about Sumsub, please visit

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