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Orenda Finance is a one-stop embedded financial services ecosystem. Launched in 2020, we offer embedded financial products and services that provide a whole host of benefits for our clients and their customers. With access to configurable solutions and no code web apps, clients can create new revenue streams by creating personalised embedded financial service products.

We believe that FinTech shouldn’t be exclusive to financial entities, so we are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes and sectors leverage FinTech in an easy, accessible, and low-cost way. This allows our clients to prioritise a customer-centric distribution strategy rather than resourcing banking infrastructure and payments expertise.

Our Vision

It’s our vision to look beyond APIs to provide no-code embedded financial solutions appropriate for every organisation and industry across the globe.

Our Mission

It is our mission to overcome barriers and deliver innovation in the FinTech market to increase diversity in the marketplace and better facilitate the needs of the end-user.

Serverless Fintech

The Future Of FinTech

Traditional suppliers are often rigid and complex, with a high barrier to entry that involves multiple agreements, costly fees, lengthy time to market and non-scalable solutions.

Orenda overcomes these barriers with Open/Cloud-native software, one single contract, rapid time to market, scalability and flexible costs.

Our Promise To You

Normally, offering financial services is expensive and requires numerous technical skill sets. At Orenda, we remove the need for this. We promise to reduce the cost, complexity and time of building your embedded services.

Meeting Your Needs Anywhere

We deliver our services across the globe, including multi-currency programmes.

Solutions Built For You

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We’ll do what it takes to find the best solution.

Creating Innovative FinTech

We work with you to come up with ideas that are right for you and your clients.

A Reliable Service

When we say we are going to do something we do it. A reliable partner is key for your business.

Looking Beyond APIs

With more than a decade of experience spent in the financial sector, Managing Director, Josh Vitorri understands that many non-financial entities are missing out on the benefits FinTech has to offer.

To solve this, Josh created a solution that makes FinTech accessible to all businesses and provides them with the chance to focus on what matters most- bringing products to market and their customers’ experience- without having to worry about banking infrastructure and payment expertise.

Orenda is made up of a close-knit team with a range of expertise to meet all of your needs, including specialists in tech and development, risk and compliance, and customer support.

Each and every one of us is committed to helping you achieve your FinTech goals and grow your business with all the benefits embedded finance has to offer. Ultimately, our vision is to make no code embedded financial solutions available to every industry around the globe.

Amy ColvilleProduct Marketing Manager, Yoti
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Yoti has been working with Orenda over the last two years to create a seamless, rapid way to sign up for a current account with a verified digital ID. Thanks to our partnership, users no longer need to upload ID documents manually or input personal information. They can simply scan a QR code on the Orenda registration screen with their Yoti app and share verified identity details from their digital ID. This seamless digital experience means that customers can sign up for a current account in a matter of seconds, and has reduced the registration steps. It also allows Orenda to perform full Know Your Customer (KYC) checks in minutes without their customers ever having to leave the house.
Sarah BowlesGroup Chief Digital Officer, EML
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EML's partner Orenda is making zero-code embedded financial services accessible to businesses and non-financial institutions across the U.K. and Europe. Orenda has a synergetic view to that of EML in making solutions simple so that clients can concentrate on essential distribution and growth strategies. All this is achieved while leaving the banking infrastructure and payments requirements to the experts. EML is delighted to be Orenda's FinTech partner of choice, and we look forward to seeing the continued rapid growth of Orenda and exciting product launches to come.
Paddy DelaneyFounder and CEO, Frega Money
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"Working together with Joshua, David and Alistair has been an absolute pleasure. A capital 'P' in Professional!

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