Empower patients with convenient payment options with Orenda. Offer financial services within your platform, including financing and personalised payment plans. Boost patient satisfaction and drive growth for your practice.

Health care has long been one of the most costly industries, requiring tremendous labour, high-tech equipment, and insurance claims. Before embedded finance entered this field, the industry faced some serious issues.

A key challenge was navigating the payment system efficiently and effectively, particularly in managing healthcare costs and issues with integrating different external companies, which kept the workflow tangled and led to data overload.

Embedded finance can help to solve these problems and challenges; it simplifies payment processing by streamlining payments among various stakeholders and providing transparency on healthcare costs.

Streamline your healthcare financial transactions and keep patient data secure with embedded finance. Our solution enables healthcare providers to process payments, claims, and reimbursements directly within their existing systems without needing additional paperwork or multiple channels.

Due to tech companies offering health-related payments and insurance, healthcare is forecast to account for 17% of the embedded finance market, or $1.2 trillion. In addition, integrating different vendors into the system is more accessible, with fewer touchpoints needed to securely access patient data and information.

Embedding this solution will streamline payments and provide transparency on healthcare costs for your practice. In addition, Orenda will simplify financial operations and enable automatic, real-time reconciliation to reduce administrative burdens while keeping patient data secure.

It’s now hassle-free to manage multiple software and allows you to focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional care to patients.

Our solution quickly empowers your practice with secure financial transactions, improving their experience and boosting growth for your practice.

Unlock your practice’s full potential by delivering high-quality care without worrying about tedious administrative tasks. Transform how the healthcare industry handles financial transactions by making them efficient, secure, and patient-friendly with embedded finance.


  • The structure is already prebuilt with Orenda, so there is no need to spend substantial extra costs on the operations.

  • Customise your platform with your branding, with our easy drag 'n' drop widgets into your existing website or mobile app from our easily embeddable platform.

  • Administrative duties like processing claims and managing payments take up a lot of time and money for healthcare providers and insurance companies. Embedded finance can automate and digitally enhance these procedures while also assisting in cost savings.

  • Providing automated, streamlined solutions, resulting in fewer mistakes, increased productivity, and improved patient experiences.

  • Our payment Networks include UK Faster Payments, SEPA (EU), SWIFT and Apple Pay to facilitate quick and secure transactions.

  • Access the best in class global KYC, KYB and ID validation providers to allow your customers to onboard and access their account in a matter of minutes.

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We offer various benefits to the healthcare industry in many different areas, such as reducing administrative burdens, providing alternative financing options, and increasing patients' satisfaction and trust.

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