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Independent Configurable Finance

Prebuilt Configurable App

We provide you with a fully designed customer-facing app that’s tailored to your branding, all without the need for any integration work.

Physical & Virtual Cards

Issue your own branded virtual or physical Visa cards that can spend the money held in the accounts.


Hold, exchange and settle funds in the world’s largest currencies by reaching over 100 countries and 63 currencies.

KYC, KYB and ID Validation

Access the best in class global KYC, KYB and ID validation providers to allow your customers to onboard and access their account in a matter of minutes.

Payment Networks

Our payment Networks include UK Faster Payments, SEPA (EU), SWIFT and Apple Pay to facilitate quick and secure transactions.

Business & Consumer Accounts

Open a business account instantly to make managing your money easier, with all the tools you need in one place.

Analytics Dashboard

Track your analytics with an easy, summarised user dashboard that explains all of your transaction analytics for you.

LendTech - Lending Process

Automating your lending process couldn’t be easier. Get full visibility with real-time insights and choose your variables to stay in control.

Build Your Business How you Want It to Be

Become A FinTech Without Any API Integrations

Our platform is simple enough for beginners yet powerful enough for experts. It includes everything your business needs to deliver financial products, including regulatory compliance tools like KYC/AML and OFAC validation, automated document generation, seamless integration with back-office systems (like CRM), or help desk support functions.

We take care of all your heavy development work so that you can look beyond APIs to create your banking infrastructure. Offering financial services significantly boosts the value of your organisation, but it’s a solution that’s been out of reach for many businesses – until now.

Future of FinTech

Drag ’n’ Drop from
our no code widget library

The future of FinTech is here with Orenda’s ability to drag ’n’ drop each widget into your existing website or mobile app from our easily embeddable platform.

Create a beautiful design consistent with your current assets for seamless branding. Change colours, fonts, and logos without the need for a designer or developer. You can even customise endless creations to suit the changing demands of your business.

Independently Wrapped

Pre-built complex API functions​

Our complex API functions are already conveniently built-in, so you eliminate the need for developers. Each widget is self contained in the platform which means you can launch your financial products in minutes by using Orenda’s pre-built templates or integrating them into your own web and mobile applications.

Each element of Orenda’s back end system is decoupled code that enables you to develop a vast range of microservices. This allows you to retrofit improvements as you innovate, giving your business agility. As a result, the technology can scale as quickly as you want to grow.

Key Benefits

All of our products provide you with serverless technology that enables ultimate scalability. In addition, our architecture implements event-driven technology that allows us to offer tailored solutions at an unparalleled scale. Embedded finance is a game-changer for businesses of any size or sector. With it, you can better serve your customers, retain them, and drive higher margins. 

Open Banking

Our cloud-based services maximise the potential of open banking, letting you focus on delivering the products and features your customers want.

Drag ‘n’ Drop

Create your own FinTech using our custom widgets, dynamic pages and marketplace. Simply drag ‘n’ drop your chosen components.

No API Integration

We take care of all your heavy development work so that you can look beyond APIs to create your banking infrastructure.

Real-Time Onboarding

You’ll be able to customise the customer onboarding experience, and we’ll provide you with all the tools to simplify identity validation.

No need to pay for technical expertise

Reduce Your Overheads
Increase Your Profits

Orenda’s no code platform can be set up and placed on any site or within a current app because our leading API infrastructure underpins it. Using our widgets, you can configure the platform to your needs, colours and your customers’ expectations.

Our innovative platform is located in the cloud on a secure network. Being serverless means as you grow as a FinTech, so do we. You can continue to scale with peace of mind, knowing that performance will improve!

Features security Businesswoman wearing white shirt is holding tablet

Keeping you and your customers safe and secure​

Fully compliant, safe & secure

We fully manage compliance and fraud risk. You don’t have to be a finance specialist or banking expert to work with us. Understanding the regulatory landscape of licensing is difficult, so we take care of it to ensure your product is fully compliant.

  • Real time KYC/KYB onboarding
  • Fully compliant service
  • No need for licenses or to be regulated
  • Launch your FinTech with confidence

What You Can Benefits From

Want to get your new revenue streams up and running quickly? Our pre-built templates and in-house experts mean you’ll be ready to deploy your offering within just a few weeks.
Traditional suppliers may charge upward of 100k to get your MVP to market. With Orenda, you only pay for what you need, as our no code model allows us to minimise upfront fees with reasonable monthly commitments.
We offer a full range of financial services accessible via the Orenda platform. Simply choose the option that’s right for you and customise your new offering to fit your business’s branding – all without the need for development expertise.
Our team of experts are there to help you to remove the headache of managing complex regulations and compliance. For example, we’ll free you up from KYC/AML, onboarding, fraud checking and card support services.

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