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Instead of numerous contracts, integrations and development needed to offer your own financial products, Orenda does all the hard work for you – giving you the breathing space to focus on what matters the most: your product and customers. With Orenda, you will have access to our ecosystem and marketplace to licensed partners, services and solutions plus much more.

Delivering an End to End Solution

Orenda Marketplace of partners gives you a range of additional, compactible capabilities. Simply plugin and choose the features you want.

Commercially we can provide the platform solution under a software licence with support and maintenance options or as a fully managed Embedded Finance as a Service offering.

Key Features

All of our products provide you with serverless technology that enables ultimate scalability. In addition, our architecture implements event-driven technology that allows us to offer tailored solutions at an unparalleled scale. Embedded finance is a game-changer for businesses of any size or sector. With it, you can better serve your customers, retain them, and drive higher margins. 


Including loan products, accounts, transactions, account funding and risk lending configuration.


Calculate coverage and payment for each claim and instantly send payments to policyholders.


Launch loyalty programs that incentivise users to pay “on time” by earning cashback.


Launch points, cashback, crypto and stock rewards to increase loyalty and drive revenue.

Investment Options

Invest and trade with regulated investment products from a non-wealth body.

Crypto Trading

Process, store and convert cryptocurrency for real-world applications including instant global payments.

A Marketplace That's Growing Everyday

At Orenda, we keep things simple. All it takes is one connection to the Orenda platform, and you’ll get access to the growing range of partners, features and services that we’re bringing to the marketplace.

With a variety of additional features to choose from, you have the freedom to pick and choose which products and services to bundle into your customer proposition.

What You Can Benefits From

It couldn’t be easier to get started. Using Orenda’s pre-built infrastructure, all you have to do is decide which of our partners’ financial services you want to add to your own proposition, and we’ll take care of the rest.
Orenda’s composable banking infrastructure allows any of your external partners to integrate. This is because Orenda’s back end system consists of decoupled code that works autonomously to reduce the complexity of integration, allowing you to retrofit improvements as you innovate.
Want to get your new revenue streams up and running quickly? Our pre built templates and in-house payment expertise mean you’ll be ready to deploy your financial offerings ready within just a few weeks.
Once you are KYC/KYB approved, we can guarantee to get you set up in 3 months!
Absolutely! We’ve done all the hard work for you, and you don’t need any experience to start using Orenda. We deliver you new revenue streams and cost savings by leveraging our state of the art, serverless event-driven technology.
We work with all types of companies, from startups to big corporations who don’t necessarily specialise in finance, to offer unique solutions.
No, you don’t. Orenda works with fully compliant and licensed financial institutions, so you don’t need to worry about regulations or licensing to use our services. You don’t need to hire a compliance team or set up a risk management process. We’ve done all the hard work for you – just focus on customer acquisition!
Orenda currently works in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the US. If you’re outside of these locations, please contact us directly.
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Become A Partner With Orenda

If you’ve developed a new BaaS/SaaS feature, you can partner with Orenda and add your solution to our marketplace. As a result, other businesses from Orenda’s client base can plug your service into their own financial solutions.

By selling your solution to Orenda’s existing customers, you’ll expand your market reach while benefiting from a whole new source of revenue.

If you’ve developed your own offering, you can even partner with us and offer your solution to other users on the platform.

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