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Empowering Businesses

Here at Orenda Finance, we provide a no code/low code solution to empower businesses to enter the financial market that previously wasn’t possible.

Through technological innovation, we are helping companies to change the landscape and overcome previously unattainable goals.

What is a no code platform?

Our no code, plug n play approach to embedded finance with complex API functions conveniently built-in eliminates the need for developers.

A no code programming platform enables users to build applications without modifying the underlying codebase. Orenda’s no code platform uses a visual interface to guide users step-by-step through the development process. It also has drag n drop functionality to take the headache out of development.
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One Platform

Underpinned by our Leading API Infrastructure Technology

Orenda’s no code platform can be set up and placed on any site or within a current app because our leading API infrastructure underpins it. Using our widgets, you can configure the platform to your needs, colours and your customers’ expectations.

Our innovative platform is located in the cloud on a secure network. Being serverless means as you grow as a FinTech, so do we. You can continue to scale with the peace of mind that performance will improve.

Amy ColvilleProduct Marketing Manager, Yoti
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Yoti has been working with Orenda over the last two years to create a seamless, rapid way to sign up for a current account with a verified digital ID. Thanks to our partnership, users no longer need to upload ID documents manually or input personal information. They can simply scan a QR code on the Orenda registration screen with their Yoti app and share verified identity details from their digital ID. This seamless digital experience means that customers can sign up for a current account in a matter of seconds, and has reduced the registration steps. It also allows Orenda to perform full Know Your Customer (KYC) checks in minutes without their customers ever having to leave the house.
Sarah BowlesGroup Chief Digital Officer, EML
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EML's partner Orenda is making zero-code embedded financial services accessible to businesses and non-financial institutions across the U.K. and Europe. Orenda has a synergetic view to that of EML in making solutions simple so that clients can concentrate on essential distribution and growth strategies. All this is achieved while leaving the banking infrastructure and payments requirements to the experts. EML is delighted to be Orenda's FinTech partner of choice, and we look forward to seeing the continued rapid growth of Orenda and exciting product launches to come.
Paddy DelaneyFounder and CEO, Frega Money
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"Working together with Joshua, David and Alistair has been an absolute pleasure. A capital 'P' in Professional!

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