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Say goodbye to sourcing technical expertise to integrate your financial services. With Orenda’s no code, plug n play approach to embedded finance with our API functionality already conveniently built in, eliminates the need for developers . Each widget is self contained in the platform which means you can launch your financial products in minutes by using Orenda’s pre-built templates or integrated into your own web and mobile applications.

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Replacement Card

Orenda Finance's Replacement Card widget is a great security feature if the end-users' card is lost or stolen. A replacement physical card will automatically be sent out to them whilst a new virtual card will be instantly generated.

Card PIN Request

Orenda Finance's Card PIN Request widget is one of our security features if the end-user has forgotten or compromised their PIN. It allows them to instantly and safely view their secure PIN directly from Orenda's platform.

Card Image

Orenda Finance's Card Image widget allows your end-user to see a full image of their issued cards without compromising on security. This keeps them up-to-date with all industry standards.

Card Block & Unblock

Orenda Finance's Card Block and Unblock widget is a great security feature that provides the end-user with peace of mind. They can block the card if it has been stolen, lost or compromised. As soon as it is reported, the card will instantly stop any transactions from being made. Reversely, if the card is found again, it can automatically unblock the card at a moment's notice and start using the card again.

Card Activation & Deactivation

The Orenda Finance Card Activation and Deactivation widget is a useful tool for any business with physical cards. It enables end customers to find and activate their own cards hassle-free. Thanks to the easy activation process, cardholders can also quickly deactivate a card in seconds if needed without asking anybody else.


Orenda Finance's Payments widget allows the end-users to make payments quickly, easily, and securely worldwide.

Add Payees

Orenda Finance's Add Payee widget has been designed to save users time. With Orenda's innovative platform, you can add a new payee in minutes, and the details are saved for easy repeat spending with just one tap.


Orenda Finance's Invoicing widget is perfect for businesses to centralise their financial systems. With this widget, the end-user can generate invoices alongside their other activities—one platform for all their financial needs.

Fees Display

Orenda Finance's Fees Display provides the end-user with a quick overview of the costs linked to their account. This widget is fantastic for giving the user full transparency, no hidden cost, and is easy to understand.

Account Balance

The Orenda Finance Account Balance widget allows you to see the balance of any accounts you have been issued (usually one account per currency). It's a great way to quickly and easily keep on top of the end users' finances.

Transaction History

Orenda Finance's Transactions widget is a must for any company that wants to keep their customers up-to-date on their finance activity. It allows the end-user to easily view transactions without needing additional software installed onto each device. In addition, Orenda's Transaction widget includes coordinates of where each transaction took place, thereby providing the end-user complete transparency and accuracy.


Orenda Finance's Statements widget automatically inputs the end-users details and can be emailed or downloaded. It has an easy editing interface, letting the user choose what days to start/end the statement on by clicking a button--all without having any programming knowledge.

White Label

Orenda Finance's White Label Apps are fully built web applications that can be connected to Orenda’s APIs. This solution allows our clients to create highly customisable end-to-end user journeys, with login/logout options and settings panels among many others! Orenda's Web apps are ready-available on our subdomains, so there is no need to host them elsewhere or set up servers yourself - everything has been taken care of already.

Web Application

Orenda Finance's Web Application provides our customers with a full-fledged, white-labeled web app.

Mobile Application

The Orenda Finance mobile app provides you with a complete white-labelled native application that is customisable and has various features to fit your exact needs.

Help Desk

Orenda Finance Help Desk widget allows you to resolve problems quickly and easily communicate with customers using Orenda's chatbot.

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