Orenda Finance creates white-label, no-code digital payment platforms that allow any business to become a fintech or embed financial services in a matter of weeks. We provide branded multi-currency accounts, cards, Euro IBANs and a fully operational customer-facing platform without worrying about a development team or API integrations.

Once you are KYC/KYB approved, we can guarantee to get you set up in 3 months!

Absolutely! We’ve done all the hard work for you, and you don’t need any experience to start using Orenda. We deliver you new revenue streams and cost savings by leveraging our state of the art, serverless event-driven technology.

We work with all types of companies, from startups to big corporations who don’t necessarily specialise in finance, to offer unique solutions.

No, you don’t. Orenda works with fully compliant and licensed financial institutions, so you don’t need to worry about regulations or licensing to use our services. You don’t need to hire a compliance team or set up a risk management process. We’ve done all the hard work for you – just focus on customer acquisition!

Orenda currently works in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the US. If you’re outside of these locations, please contact us directly.

A widget is a software application that allows various forms of user functionality, including reporting, data collection, etc. Our widgets make up our drag and drop platform, which consists of complex API functionality that is isolated within the product.

There are two ways you can integrate your chosen Orenda widgets to build your fintech. To embed financial services into an existing platform, simply copy and paste a line of code into your HTML. If you’re using the Orenda platform to build your fintech from scratch, we’ve removed the hassle by conveniently building and integrating them within our platform.

Our widgets are custom designed to meet your brand guidelines. Therefore, they can be configured on your site in any way that you want.

We’re happy to communicate with your existing suppliers and partners to meet your needs. However, feel free to take advantage of additional support from our existing partners. You can find out more about our partners and what they have to offer here.

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